What is ExcelServer?

What is ExcelServer?

ExcelServer is a diy tool for building an excel-based information system. It provide you an easy way to design your own infromation system, create roles and users, defined Template ---- a special functions in the form of an Excel worksheet. Use your system just in the same ways as you fill in an Excel worksheet, the data you entered into worksheet will be stored into database, and can be shared with other people or be used in generate report automatically.

How is ExcelServer look like?

ExcelServer is actually a program added-in Excel, looks like this:

What is Excel Server look like

After installed, you can find a robbin (or a menu in Excel 2003) appeared in Excel. As a designer, you can define template or perform other design tasks in [Design], as an end-user, you can enter/query data in [Form Data]. You do everything just as operate on Excel workbook, but all the yu have defined or entered wil be saved into database, that makes sharing information easily across the organization.

Easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle quite complicated bussiness logic

If you are familiar with Excel, then you can handle Excel Server well. It is quite easy to use. On the other hand, ExcelServer is very powerfull to accomplish quite complicated bussiness logic. The main feathers include:

  • Template: Define a workbook as template, naming empty cells as fields, fill in form of template to collect data. Data entered are stored into database and can be shared across the whole organization.
  • Data-Filler: Objects that you can defined, aimed at making end-users operate on template easily, quickly and correctly. There are several types of Data-Filler: system variable, auto numbering, dropdown list, tree view, list view.
  • Data-Weaver: Rules you defined on template, used to "Weave" data from different template, and between Excel workbook and database. It can read data from database and write them to worksheet, or update data in database using data on worksheet. It can filter, calculate, generate statistic result.
  • Workflow: You can define workflow on template, enable a form being transfered between people according to bussiness logic. Different people may access to different area of a form. It can split, merge, recircle. You can also attach condition on flow.
  • Manage department, roles and users
  • Detailed permission
  • Scheduled task, generate report automatically
  • Use definded data type
  • View, indexs on table
  • ......

I know nothing of programming, can I build an information system of my own with ExcelServer?

Yes, Many companies have build their own information system based on ExcelServer successfully, without any help of software engineer. The key idea is, It is the one who understands business logic and knows requirement can design an information system, not the one who knows how to code. We only need designer, not a coder. Go through the tutorial, then you can become a designer too!