Walk through the Video tutorial, integrate Excel spreadsheets into an ERP of your own

From Excel to Database

Change an Excel spreadsheet to Template, give meanings to cells, fill in a form based on the template and the data entered will be saved into database. Watch Video

Share Data between Excel Users

As all data fill in via Excel spreadsheet based on template are stored into database, they can be accessed by users across the whole organization. Create Departments, Roles and Users, grant different permission to different roles or users, balance between data sharing and sequrity. Watch Video

As easy as operate on Excel worksheet, as convenient and fast as operator on a standard GUI

Data-fillers ---- default value, auto numbering, dropdown list, tree view, list view, etc ---- can be defined and bind to fileds on template, which make end users operatoe on a form more than an Excel worksheet, but also with rich features of application interface. Watch Video

Integrate data from different spreadsheet, generate report automatically

Data-Weavers can be defined on template, which are used to "Weave" data from different template, and between Excel worksheet and database. They can read data from database and write them to worksheet, or update data in database using data on worksheet. It can filter, calculate, generate statistic result.
Watch Video